Pam's Gallery
Custom Orders of Stones, Portraits, Mini Murals, etc.
This 16" cement stepping stone was painted for a friend who is a big  baseball fan.
           Pet portraits    (memorials)
     painted from photos of the owners pet.
Geranium stepping stone
Log Cabin Stepping stone
All stepping stones and bricks are 12" cement.
Flower Basket Welcome Stone
Welcome Bouquet Stone
Spring Tulips Brick
Various Floral Bricks
Mini -Mural done above a window in a kitchen.
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Snowmobile meets a creek.
One of those
"remember when dad..."
Plantation Mural-11'x17' mural I helped design and paint on a dining room wall, the lower molding is real wood. The rest is painted on.
Mini-murals on kitchen soffet. Another artist
and I painted 4  seasonal bird/branch
designs in a country kitchen.
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